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For all the hard workers

It’s not always easy for workers to sleep abroad for a long time. That’s why we are trying to be your living room on a small scale. So U will leave with a satisfied feeling on the way home. 

What makes Hotel Centraal so special?

1.    At work days breakfast from: 06.00.
2.    U can pick your own lunch because we don’t like eating the same sandwich every day.
3.    By choosing half-pension there is a 3-course menu which is prepared by our own Chef Vincent.
4.    Next to that there is a cozy bar where U can have a drink and socialize with other workers/guests.
5.    A high speed internet connection (300/40Mbit) for fast communication with the outside world.
6.    Our personal approach, because we are curious in your work.
7.    For over 16 years Hotel Centraal uses special company prizes for all rooms.